Belt Rank Class

At Two Gold, we teach the eight poomsae (forms) recognized by World Taekwondo. Students generally take about 2 years to learn all of the forms before becoming eligible for their black belt.  We believe that getting your black belt is just the beginning of truly learning taekwondo so we encourage our students to go beyond black belt, here and in life!


Team Gold Sparring

Team Gold is for our students who are interested in competitive sparring.  At Team Gold, students undergo rigorous conditioning sessions as well as work on their sparring skills.


Demonstration Team

Demonstration Team is our taekwondo performance team.  Students learn acrobatic taekwondo and high level kicking skills that they use as they perform together at competitions.  Our award-winning Demo Team has ranked in the top 3 in the last three regional competitions.


Family Class

Twice a week, we have instruction time for our families to learn taekwondo together.  It is a wonderful experience for parents and their children to learn and get stronger together.


Ladies Class

Ladies class is a boot camp style fitness class where women can come and not only exercise but find friendship and community.  The class always ends with 10 mins of learning taekwondo.  To date, we had two ladies receive their black belts and we have several more who are on their way.

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